September 10, 2014 | 11:58 a.m.

This home is such a mess.
This heart feels like a war zone.
All of these great things I’m grateful for
are piled up and strewn all over the floor and the bed and couch
And my brain; I’m over-thinking so much, my head wants out…

I once heard someone say,

It’s a long way down.
It’s such a long way down to the place where we started from.

and I like it
because it means that maybe this home wasn’t always a messy place
and maybe somewhere down the line, this heart can be whole again.
That’s better than ice-cream.

But it’s scary
because it means you shouldn’t pace yourself.
It’s not

 “a long, hard climb” to the place —

You won’t create a new record time in this race.
This poem doesn’t even need to rhyme…
but it does, once in a line.

It’s such a long way down to the love that you started from.
It feels a lot longer if  you crawl
so: fall.
It will hurt. A lot.
But when you fall
in love,
you land on the promise that you will be caught.



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