‘The only responsibility I feel is to fight’: Saul Williams on art, love, activism and fear


Saul Williams is the mouthpiece for the unheard. The 43-year-old poet/rapper/actor is seven albums deep into a his half-literary half-musical career which boasts collaborations with everyone from Nine Inch Nails to the Fugees. After seven studio albums, two films, and one tour on Broadway, Williams plans to release his eighth album, MartyrLoserKing, this summer. Without a doubt, Williams is one of this generation’s most penetrating correspondents — one who functions as a freewheeling cultural anthropologist, recording his notes in verse. Fusion spoke to Williams at his Harlem residence about the latest entry in his public conversation.

Fusion: You just rapped up a tour in the US and a short run in Europe. How is the new material being received?

Saul Williams: I wanted to try out the songs before releasing them. And before the tour I decided I wasn’t going to do any old or familiar material and the…

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