Not in the Mood for God

Mere Enthusiasm

Beware, complete honesty zone.

Not too long ago I went through a phase where I thought the whole Christianity thing utterly ridiculous. I was at church and utterly overcome by weary cynicism; it all seemed so…silly. It felt like a performance which I was both observing and acting in. The uninterrupted call to holiness was exhausting and impossible; my walk with God was one step forward and two steps back. Contrary to David, I did not “desire His precepts”, rather I desired to be swallowed up by the status quo and the pleasant mundanity of life. A radical life seemed enticing in theory but the actual steps of action it required infringed on my comfort and acutely established reputation.

It was dusk, I was sitting at the bus stop, and more than anything I felt truly weary. I had achieved the point in my life when “tired” seemed like a…

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